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CRT Lenses

If you have ever been diagnosed with myopia, also called nearsightedness, you aren't alone. There are millions of people who have this eye condition. Until recently, there were only three basic ways to treat this condition; wearing glasses, wearing contacts, and getting laser eye surgery. But now there is another way to treat this condition. If you have myopia call Gregg Family Eye Care in Secane, PA, to get an eye exam from our optometrist, Dr. Eric Gregg. You may be a good candidate for this new form of treatment.


CRT Corrective Lenses

Glasses and contacts have to be worn during the day to see better as you participate in daily tasks. However, CRT lenses work differently. CRT stands for corneal refractive therapy, and it is a helpful, non-surgical option that doesn't require you to use lenses during the day. These lenses are worn only at night as you're sleeping.

Throughout the night, these lenses will change the way your cornea curves. It works to correct the cornea enough overnight so that your vision will be good enough in the morning that you won't need to use corrective lenses during the day. Wearing these lenses while sleeping each night provides enough correction that you do not have to wear glasses or contacts during the day. It can take about seven to fourteen days of wearing CRT lenses at night before there is enough correction that nightly correction will keep your eyes able to see without daytime lenses. For CRT lens users, more than 90% of patients get their sight to 20/40 or better. In most states, this is the legal requirement for vision to drive without corrective lenses.

CRT Lenses and Children

CRT lenses are FDA approved for both adults and children. Myopia often starts while patients are children. Children as young as six may have myopia, and it can affect how well they do in school. When myopia begins, CRT lenses can be used to treat the condition so that there is no need to force your child to wear his or her glasses. The lenses are made to be comfortable, and they're reversible for easier insertion. There is no minimum age limit for CRT lenses.

See Our Optometrist in Secane, PA

If you or your child have been diagnosed with myopia, CRT treatment may be a good option. You or your child will need an eye exam to determine if this treatment is appropriate. Call Gregg Family Eye Care today at 610-543-1219 to schedule a consultation with our optometrist. You may be able to see more clearly and not have to wear lenses during the day.