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Sports Vision

Make sure that you have every advantage possible on the field. Schedule a sports vision exam with one of our optometrists at Gregg Family Eye Care in Secane, PA. With this eye exam, you or your athlete can ensure that they have the optimal vision to engage in whatever sports they want to participate in. In some cases, an eye doctor can spot problems that an athlete needs medical treatment.


Why a Sports Vision Exam Is Important

Sports vision exams ensure that athletes are ready to engage in the fast-paced action of sporting events. Without proper vision, the chances of injuries increase due to not being able to see the ball well or other players. Visual performance is just as critical to ensuring success on the field as physical strength. Having good hand-eye coordination starts with great vision. A sports exam starts with a comprehensive eye exam and continues from there to more specific tests.

What an Optometrist Does During a Sports Vision Eye Exam

During a sports vision exam, the optometrist will first conduct the same tests that occur during vision and eye health exams. These tests include near and distance visual acuity, examining eye pressure, and looking at the health of the interior of the eye.

After these tests, the eye doctor will also see how well you can see contrasting lines on different colored backgrounds. This test measures how well your eyes can track objects against different backdrops.

Another exam that you may have is a test of your eyes' ability to work together and their alignment. Some people have one eye that is stronger or more dominant than the other. A test to identify eye dominance can help you to see better on the field.

For athletes who need corrective lenses, an optometrist can prescribe glasses or contact lenses. If you want LASIK surgery for a more permanent vision correction option without lenses, your optometrist can determine your fitness for such a procedure and recommend you to an eye surgeon.

Can a Sports Vision Exam Spot Other Problems?

Because athletes may suffer from eye injuries or traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) during practice or sporting events, regular exams of the eyes are important. An eye doctor can spot prior damage to the eyes. In some cases, an optometrist can treat injuries or recommend an ophthalmologist to complete the care. Additionally, eye doctors may spot evidence of a TBI and recommend treatment from a physician.

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Before you start the next season, schedule a sports vision exam with us at Gregg Family Eye Care in Secane, PA. Phone us at 610-543-1219 to arrange the best time for an eye exam that will ensure your eyes are ready for the first practice of the year. Make this season your best by getting an eye exam for your sports performance vision.